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the minds of lobbyists. >> that's right, this. the president and congress left washington friday for the holidays with a promise of returning in just a couple of days. only a week left to avoid tax hikes and spending cuts that will impact almost every american. now it appears democratic senate leader harry reid may take the lead in crafting a compromise to avoid tax hikes on at least the middle class which was the president's parting plea. meanwhile here in california leaders are concerned about what could happen if the tax hikes and budget cuts kick in. >> this would undo a lot of the good of the extra taxes californians are willing to invest in the schools. particularly special needs students would be cut by 10% and the meals program that so many of the californias are growing up in poverty and they need that meal. >> some county and city officials are concerned about the potential impact on health
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and welfare programs. the dreaded fiscal cliff can potentially affect a wide range of health programs. >> cbs news' wyatt andrews explains. >> reporter: professor mallen like hundreds of medical researchers has already fallen off the fiscal cliff. her budget which relies on federal grants is being cut by 10% now. as the nih, the national institutes of health, prepares for the possibility of budget cuts later. >> it's as much bigger than just my lab. it's affecting all-academic labs across the country. >> reporter: mallen understands the nih decision but calls it a setback. >> my lab will have to shut down research projects that we know would -- could have profound impacts on curing human disease. we may have to get rid of some staff members.
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>> reporter: the nih tells us because of uncertainty in the budget awards at 90% of what was perhapsed to researchers -- promised to researchers will be the standard at least for now and the threat of the cut raised alarms. >> some of the cuts -- >> reporter: at johns hopkins the doctor is under pressure to reduce the experiments he designed in mice in search for a cure for childhood leukemia. does that make a more uncertain science? >> not only that we actually lose ten years. >> reporter: the downside of turning off a variety of experiments is what? >> we've killed innovation. because the most innovative projects are the projects that will go first. >> reporter: the pending budget cuts have also forced labs to slow down the hiring of promising younger scientists. >> turning them down because i have to say to them, in all honesty, i don't know whether i can take you on on that four to five year commitment. >> reporter: the nih hopes to
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restore the lost 10% if the agency's funding restored but this is one danger from the fiscal cliff that isn't waiting for new year's day. the reduction in medical experiments and the hold on laboratory jobs is happening now. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. 5:04 now. some of them don't even know it yet but dozens of former california prison inmates got pardons for christmas. governor brown issued the pardons to 79 convicted felons who have done their full-time and have been -- time and have been crime free now for more than a decade. they include ken benedict who got involved with a bad crowd. >> christmas eve to find this out. what a gift. to finally have some closure to you know a long story that i did something dumb when i was younger. >> he joined an inmate fire crew in prison and he saved a boy's life back in 1993 in a malibu fire and was paroled after two years and now he is a
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school volunteer and he's engaged to be married and has got his life back together. well, right now volunteers are starting to prepare a big christmas feast for the less fortunate right here in san francisco. >> yeah, they're planning to serve lots of meals today. and cbs 5 reporter is at glide memorial church with the annual effort to help the homeless. good morning kate. >> reporter: good morning and merry christmas to you both. they're actually going to serve up 5,000 meals. we're expecting volunteers within the next hour or so. i'm joined live with gene cooper with glide memorial. >> merry christmas. how are you? >> reporter: i'm great. what's the big rundown of today? >> today we'll start serving breakfast at 7:00 a.m. the volunteers show up at 6:00. we get them dressed and ready to go. some of them will come down here and start carving ham and turkey and cutting up the vegetables for the meal later and then we'll serve breakfast downstairs. at 9:00 we'll start serving the
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christmas dinner from 9:00 until 2:00 and we'll have a couple of celebrations today. two services up stairs can the big news is at 11:30 we'll have the craft hunger bowl players. the guys from arizona state will be coming to help us make bag lunches. >> reporter: this is not something you just do during the holiday season. this is basically a year long effort and i know there are a lot of people who want to chip in. how can others help? >> you know the best way to do it of course is to donate and so if you go to the website,, and there's a click on give and there's different ways that you can support the organization. you can make a cash donation on the website. which is something that we can -- this is a time we raise the majority of our funds for the entire year. so people want to donate now, that would be great. also by volunteering and we're good for volunteers today but actually starting the 27th, you know we go back to our regular business and most people a lot of times don't come you know to
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volunteer on those days. >> reporter: thank you so much jean and thank you so much for the work you do at glide memorial. again if you are interested in volunteering again it's the year-round effort not just during the holiday season. so come on out or donate. reporting live in san francisco, back to you guys. all right kate. thank you very much. merry christmas to you. it is now 5:07 now. the salvation army brings christmas to those who are home bound and alone. >> for nearly two decades the nonprofit provided meals to seniors and people with illnesses. this year is no exception. out live to the salvation army central kitchen in san francisco on harrison street and you can see the volunteers right now they're busy preparing more than 4,000 meals. and it's a traditional christmas meal too complete with ham, yams, vegetables, hot chocolate, and cookies. volunteers don't stop after cooking. they deliver the food. they walk it to people, spend some time with those who are alone today. >> it's nice. this christmas is a busy workday for crews in east palo
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alto. they're racing to repair a levee there ahead of the next storm. they got hit hard over the weekend the sunday's heavy rain caused the san francisquito creek to spill over the levee and it caused flooding in a few neighborhoods near the creek. crews are putting in overtime working the holiday. they're bagging and make -- sandbagging and making emergency repair as more rain is expected later this afternoon. and people in much of the country are getting some real winter weather. shop white christmas. snow hit parts of the mid- atlantic area yesterday. today much of oklahoma and arkansas are under a big winter storm warning. there is a blizzard watch if you got family in western kentucky. they're going to have a white christmas. along the gulf coast storms could bring strong winds, hail and lightning to parts of mississippi, alabama, and eastern louisiana. and as ed payne shows us the white christmas means travel delays. >> reporter: ground crews were out in force in oklahoma city
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treating roads and bridges ahead of the expected christmas day storm. it was a similar scene at oklahoma city's will rogers world airport where some flights have already been canceled. operations director mark cannenburg says the plows are ready to go. >> web we get out on the runway and start clearing, typically it's a crew of seven to 12 people in trucks and we have spotters. >> reporter: the airport uses a high-tech vehicle that checks friction levels to make sure it's safe for airplanes to land. >> ice is very tough. if you completely don't have any friction at all, with aircraft to land, then that's a real problem. >> reporter: and springfield, missouri, residents are stocking up on supplies as they prepare for the snowstorm that could dump up to 8 inches of sleet and snow on parts of that region. salt truck driver jared spoon expects to be called into work even though it's christmas. >> we just take it as any other day. just come in and do your job. >> reporter: the weather is expected to be frightful in
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little rock, arkansas as well. they could see 4 inches of snow with higher amounts in other parts of the state. but there's one way to avoid the travel headaches. >> the best thing to do is try to stay at home and enjoy your christmas. >> reporter: winter storm warnings, watches and advisories are posted from washington state. texas up to new england. and severe weather is expected in the southeast. i'm ed payne reporting. okay, we don't have any snow in the forecast but we have some rain. look at the doppler, come on@it's the holiday. >> some showers moving in throughout the day today. i think really picking up toward the middle of the day and the afternoon but hi-def doppler radar is seeing showers out there early on. at least in the north bay. it looks like that will be picking up outside. cool start to the day. a lot of clouds out this right now and well the temperatures 39 degrees in police officer more. it is 42 in -- live more. it is 42 in san jose and 46 in san francisco.
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by the afternoon probably very stormy outside. some heavy rainfall. maybe a couple inches of rain on the mountain tops of course. we've got to watch all the creeks for the possibility of some flooding. we'll have more coming up in a few minutes guys, back to you. all right, thank you lawrence. time now is 5:11. the season for giving continues on the gridiron. >> the lucky fan who left this game with a one of a kind souvenir. we'll talk about that. >> two kids from one to 92. >> how embarrassing? >> the christmas greeting from our newsroom. sung from the most part on key. >> not entirely. >> not entirely. okay. >> we'll be right back. what's cool about your school? submit your nomination on the website. maybe you have a choir there that's fantastic. >> maybe. come and feature school right here on our show. >> we'll be back on this christmas morning right after this short break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sweden. he traded in his traditional sleigh ride fore tough santa. let's see him popping a wheelie. santa showing off in sweden.
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he traded the traditional sleigh ride for a motorcycle. it didn't stop him from popping wheelies for the cameras. >> santa gets around doesn't he? >> some of the elves are dressing uplock santa -- up like santa. >> santa's already been here. >> guess what? he's got some pretty good weather here right now. >> he came to my house already. i've been so good that it was loaded with presents. >> he gave you this tie. >> he gave me the christmas tie today. >> you sure he gave you the tie today? >> i've been naughty. >> that was around last year. >> hey folks around the bay area today we got a serious storm headed in our direction. on this christmas day. lot of clouds pouring in across the skies right now not much in the way of rain although we are beginning to see a couple of rain drops show up in the north bay eight now. just some scattered showers out ahead of the main cold front. the winds are going to be kicking up throughout the morning and it looks like into the afternoon. they're going to get a pretty
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good soaking as system moving on through. the good news is a fast mover and not ton of rainfall although it will be heavy at times once it moves on through. even a possibility of isolated thunderstorms. then the weather is going to stay unsettled after that probably some showers into tomorrow as well. and then maybe we catch a break. but this storm system again the low the core of it right off the coastline. that's going to push it through the bay area and that means it's going to dump pretty good throughout the day. traveling through the state. some showers and thunderstorms in the sacramento valley this afternoon and lots of snow in the sierra nevada and winter storm warnings going up there. watch out for that. maybe another 2 feet of snow. let's see if we can time it out for a little bit here. not coming through until the middle of the day. about 4:00 or so. starting to linger over the central and into the afternoon and then it sags to the south through san jose and then the scattered showers in toward tomorrow. so looks like a pretty stormy afternoon around the bay area with some pockets of heavy rainfall. the temperatures expected only to be in the low to mid-50s so a cool day. a nice day to stay at home and
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enjoy your family. the showers continuing into wednesday i think thursday we catch a break. maybe some more rainfall on friday and saturday. that's a look at weather guys. back to you. thank you lawrence. and unfortunately we have a couple of accidents on the road if you're traveling the n yummy itz northbound 880 at fruit vail all lanes are temporarily blocked in the northbound lanes. there's debris in the road. fortunately traffic is superlight in the area and there's not much of a delay and likely traffic can squeeze by on the shoulder but this is a live look further south. this is actually closer to the oakland coliseum and you can see that so far it's a pretty nice trip at least according to the drive times. but again they're working to clear the accident temporarily all lanes blocked approaching fruit vail avenue. elsewhere this accident in marin county northbound 101 pretty close to the dumps is what we're hering there's an accident there blocking one lane. another half hour or so to
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clear. golden gate bridge almost empty this morning heading into san francisco. royalty now salvation -- right now salvation army volunteers are busy preparing christmas meals for folks here in san francisco. >> these meals will go the seniors and people with illnesses all alone on christmas. and we'll take you out live right now to the salvation army central kitchen on harrison street? san francisco. >> anthony price is going to join us now and looks like you are a chef. working hard today anthony? >> reporter: it's christmas and this is where you find me every christmas morning along with the volunteers producing meals for those folks who can't get out. >> you have a big crowd behind you. how many volunteers help out this time of the morning? >> well, we'll have about 30 -- or so here. but during the last two weeks we've had maybe 150 volunteers come in and make boxes and fill bags and help us get ready with the ham and the yams and all
5:18 am
that other stuff that goes into making the meal. >> you have yam and hams and what else? >> we couldn't find anything to rhyme with ham and yams and we're going to just serve vegetables and then a little apple sauce on top of ham. then they get a cold bag with hot chocolate and juice and fruit can cookies in it. -- ask cookies in it. >> we understand if there are some folks who can't get down and pick up a meal you guys actually deliver the meals and then you spend time with those that are less fortunate without family right? >> frank, that is the story. the real story. i mean it's the people giving up their time here and volunteering and those who deliver the meals throughout the city. but it's also the knock on the door, merry christmas. this could be some of the only human contact these people get. >> anthony you're awesome. people appreciate it. >> anthony. thanks so much and merry christmas. >> thank you. >> for your hard work this
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morning. >> thank you. its is 5:19. it is bowling season for college teams all around the country and here in california. >> yeah an amazing t. by the fresno -- touchdown by the fresno bulldogs in a game yesterday. you're going to see it as the play of the day coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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the gusty winds and possibility of some thunderstorms, more about imit coming up. all lanes are shut down northbound 88 # at fruit vail. there's an overturned injury crash. so they're temporarily detouring cars off to that high street off ramp. fortunately things are superlight and volume is extra light on this christmas morning but just a heads-up you will be detoured through oakland whether busy day how? a play of the day now comes from the hawaii bowl. >> fresno state's adams of palo alto high alum with an impressive touchdown catch from the quarterback carr. but they lost to southern methodist but they got to go to hawaii on christmas eve. a great catch. the linebacker for the arizona cardinals surprised a lucky fan by giving him an early christmas gift before the team took on the chicago bears yesterday. or earlier this week.
5:23 am
check it out. >> well, sam ahcho, look at this great christmas scene, he gives his glove to the fan and talk about an early christmas present. >> clearly excited about the present. check it out mom. he shows it off to mom, his parents will have a hard time copying that gift this morning. >> that kid will remember that the rest of his life. >> same place for the cardinals, they've won two or three games but it doesn't matter. well, we have our yule log burning as you can see we have the coffee brewing and presents under the tree. >> now something for kids from one to 92. a christmas medley from the cbs 5 singers. ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ >> folks dressed appliques i can moe -- up like eskimos ♪ >> everybody knows a turkey and
5:24 am
some mistletoe ♪ help to make the season bright ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow ♪ will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ >> they know that santa is on his way ♪ and every mother's child is going to spy ♪ to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪ and so i'm offering this simple praise ♪ to kids from 1 to 92 ♪ ♪ although it's been said, many times many ways ♪ ♪ merry christmas to you [ applause ] >> nice job. we got some good voices. >> your voice very impressive. car know we need to talk after the show. >> he was in a choir when he was growing up and in a band right? >> we even got the general manager in there bruno. it is 5:25 now. coming up a christmas present
5:25 am
from jerry brown for dozens of convicted felons. >> pardons, meet one man who made some big changes in his life to earn the state's forgiveness. >> we're live in san francisco where volunteers are preparing for a big meal to serve 5,000 san francisco homeless and needy. we'll show you the preparations when we return. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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another american town coping with unthinkable tragedy.. r opens fire it is christmas. i mean -- who targets people on christmas. >> another american town coping with the unthinkable after a gunman opens fire on unarmed firefighters. good morning everyone, it is christmas day. tuesday, december 25th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger, michelle is off today. time no is 5:29. -- now is 5:29. we'll have the latest on that investigation into the shooting
5:29 am
in new york city coming up but first a check of the weather. we know people may be out and about visiting people today. >> a little bit of rain huh lawrence? >> watch the possibility for flooding especially this afternoon. the storm will again pack a punch not the biggest one we've seen but nonetheless the ground is already saturated. you can see it diving into the bay area right now. in fact the hi-def doppler radar is picking up showers in the north bay. in the afternoon that's when the storm system races through the bay area. the temperatures a little cool right now. 30s and some 40s around the bay area. this afternoon could be very stormy. even the possibility of isolated thunderstorms, highs only in the low to about mid 50s. more showers for tomorrow as well and hopefully we'll catch a break in the storeny weather. back to you. thank you lawrence. and just a quick update on the traffic information. still all lanes blocked northbound 880 approaching fruit vail. a return injury crash and
5:30 am
they're temporarily detouring cars still off the hyde street exit. the volume is extra light of course because it is christmas morning. and oakland also northbound 101 in marin near the dumps. there's an accident there blocking one lane as well. all right liz, thanks. 5:31 now on this christmas day. police in upstate new york don't know why a man shot and killed two firefighters who were trying to respond to a house fire. cbs news tetiana anderson is in western new york in a town in shock. >> reporter: canals are burning for two firefighters kimmed in an ambush the day before christmas. >> our men are hurt and they're not going to be home with their families now. >> reporter: police believe 63- year-old william spengler intentionally set fire to a house and car in order to lure first responders to his neighborhood. >> i'm sorry i just -- it's just -- it is christmas. i mean who targets people on christmas? >> reporter: authorities say he
5:31 am
injured two volunteer firefighters and killed two more before shooting himself. 19-year-old tomasz kaczowka was filling in for married firefighters so they compound spend christmas with their families. michael chiapperini was just named firefighter of the year two weeks ago. >> it's very -- it's a very difficult situation. >> reporter: condolences have been pouring into this fire station from around the world. and now two families are spending their christmas making funeral anxious. s. >> right now we're working what we need to do to bury two of our members. >> reporter: his sister is unaccounted for. police believe she and others might have been trapped in the fire that consumed seven houses. >> until we can get into those homes and see you know, god i'm hoping that everyone was able to escape from the inferno. >> reporter: police hope the rubble has cooled down enough to allow them to begin
5:32 am
investigating today. tatiana anderson for cbs news, webster, new york. >> back in 1980 spengler was convicted of killing his 92- year-old grandmother with a hammer. he is leased in 1998. street racing may be to blame for a crash that critically injured a man in is a lay hoe. the man was cross -- vallejo. he was hit by a car yesterday afternoon. police say the driver took off. witnesses told officers two cars were racing. the investigators are looking for a black 1990s honda civic with front end damage. other bay area headlines this morning. two people are displaced after cooking fire got out of hand in a menlo park apartment. the fire began just before 7:00 yesterday evening. and investigators say the grease fire quickly spread to the kitchen ceiling and that apartment and a neighboring unit were both damaged. no one was injured. total damage estimated at $50,000. well, there's still no sign of a drunk driving suspect who
5:33 am
jumped off a bridge trying to flee police in marin county. investigators say 24-year-old anthony donaldson ran from a dui check point in ross yesterday. he was later seen near the college of marin in a creek. he swam away and out of sight. 5:34 now. a sad start to the holiday when a sierra snowboarder dies in an avalanche. this slide hit yesterday at donor ski ranch about 11 miles west of truckee. the man in his 50s was found by several search dogs several hours after he was reported missing. he was buried under 3 feet of snow at the base of the mountain. >> his friends the other friends that were going to be at our group were looking for him and probing around and they didn't find him and he was at the bottom of the cliff instead of the top. >> friends say the victim was enjoying his first day on the mountain after moving back to the area. the area of the slide has been closed to skiers and snowboarders. dozens of former prison inmates are enjoying a
5:34 am
christmas gift from the governor. he signed pardons for people whose crimes range from drug offenses to robbery. cbs reporter ian schwartz now has the story of the ex-con who is starting a brand new life this morning. >> you know, i was young. i was out of high school. >> reporter: ken benedict says he was dumb and hanging around bad people 20 years ago. >> they were involved in things theyson have been and manufacturing -- shouldn't have been and manufacturing methamphetamine. >> reporter: sent to five years in prison. he joined an inmate fire crew not knowing he was about to have an experience that would change his life forever. at the 1993 malibu fires he saved a young boy's life. >> i just remembered i pulled that -- you know how can i live with myself if i didn't try. >> reporter: they featured the second chance story? reader's digest. he spend the last two decades waiting for today. a pardon from the governor.
5:35 am
years after he first asked. the state that locked him up officially forgave him for his crime. >> christmas eve, you know to find this out, what a gift. you know to finally have you know some closure to you know, a long story that you know, i did something dumb when i was younger. >> reporter: today ken is older, wiser and engaged. he volunteers at area schools and competes in body building events with his fiance. >> he's such an excellent role model for me. you know. and -- i love him for that. >> reporter: both are celebrating the christmas pardon a priceless acknowledgment not of the man who he was, but the one he's become. >> but it's not the end of continuing to do what's right. and to give back. and to continue to try to live your life you know in a positive manner. >> well, the christmas spirit alive and well in san francisco this morning. >> sure is. volunteers are up mighty early to help the less fortunate this morning. and cbs 5 reporter cate
5:36 am
caugurian is with them. she's at the glide memorial church where thousands will be fed on this holiday. merry christmas. good morning. >> reporter: merry christmas to you frank and elizabeth. the trays are out also ready for the volunteers to some and slice and dice the fixings for thanksgiving meal. glide's long-standing tradition of -- long stranding tradition continue today. more than 600 volunteers will show up here in an hour to work on 5,000 meals, organizers say this event wraps up their big holiday season. it's where they can really connect with the people they serve all year-round. >> 650 volunteers will be showing up to help us prepare the meal today so they'll start coming at 6:00 a.m. and it's a -- it's great day for all of us. you know it's the end of the season. we get to have relaxed and joke with the people that come and visit us for the meal and we have a really good time. >> reporter: later on at 11:00 asu football players will also
5:37 am
lends a helping hand. the college is in town for the big bowl. lunch will start at 9:00 and go until 2:00. now glide's meals for the homeless is again not something they just do during the holidays. it reality is a year-round -- really is a year-round effort and organizers tell me volunteers post the holiday season are things they really need or the time they really need for people to step up. if you are around or want to help out always stop on by. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> thanks. >> okay. thanks. well, a salvation army also brings christmas to those who are home bound and alone on this holidays. >> for nearly two decades now the nonprofit has provided meals to senoras and people with -- seniors and people with illnesses. this year no exception. >> let's take a live look. this is salvation army central kitchen on harrison street in san francisco. all the volunteers are busy preparing more than 4,000 meals
5:38 am
today and it's a traditional christmas meal too complete with ham and vegetables and some ho hot chocolate and cookies as well. but the volunteers also deliver some of the food on foot. and spend some time with those that can't get out of the house or need a little bit of help today. and talk to them on a holiday. real nice. >> that's great. probably even better than the meal for a lot of folks. conversation and company. that's great. time now 5:39. forget the fiscal cliff. worried about the jerry cliff? >> why the new year could also bring a rise in the cost of milk. how about $7 a gallon? we'll tell you about that coming up. >> and this is interesting. make 2013 the healthiest of your lifement just five easy changes -- life. just five easy changes. we'll tell you how and we'll tell you why coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. malls and homes are full of them this time of year but you probably haven't seen one quite like this. check out the 12-foot tall poinsettia from louisiana. the homeowner says it's been growing next to her house for nearly 70 years. it belonged to her neighbor and
5:42 am
bryant asked if she could have the plant. she even replants it and has given pieces to the next door neighbors. >> a couple of weeks and then done. >> that's beautiful though. well, as we celebrate christmas many americans have lingering financial worries. we know there's that fiscal cliff hovering over us and we're about to go over the edge but right now no one in washington is really doing anything about it. >> no, on the christmas break. edward lawrence is in washington, d.c. this morning with more on what lies ahead in the days to come. so edward i guess we won't really see any action until at least thursday? is that right? >> reporter: yeah we won't see action until thursday because the senate doesn't get back into session until thursday at the moment the capitol is deserved. so is the white house, as you know president obama is in hawaii on his annual vacation. that he has every year here. now he spent christmas eve playing golf and working out at a local marine base out there. he also has another golf round
5:43 am
planned again for today. the talks between the president and the house have broken down on this fiscal cliff there are to try and avoid the deadline that's coming up. on thursday when the senate comes back into session most of the house of representatives will also be back and the president is going to work if hawaii to try and get -- from hawaii to try and get everybody to work together but at this point it seems like the deadline is just looming. >> we've been talking about this for a good month plus now. is it too late? they have so little time. can they get something together and actually save this before -- before new year's? >> reporter: well, frank as you've seen, in washington the 11th hour deal comes out all the time. in past years senator mitch mcconnell stepped in and been able to negotiate a compromise. this time through twitter he's telling folks that he is not going to step in. he says that the president needs the lead. now our sources saying that senate majority leader harry
5:44 am
reid is working on his own plan. it's a smaller package that he's working on. that package would avoid middle class tax hikes that would happen if this fiscal cliff deadline comes. his package also has some spending cuts. however the problem with his package is that he hasn't talked to any republicans. it's not a bipartisan package. he's working on this by himself to hopefully step in and maybe make a compromise himself. but begin this deadline's looming and you know tuesday is going to come pretty quickly. >> well, they need to get back to work. enjoy the holiday back to work tonight if not tomorrow. okay edward lawrence, thanks so much have a great holiday and thanks for that live interview. well it is not just the fiscal cliff that we're closing in on. probably never heard of this one. there could be a dairy cliff beginning next year you could be paying as much as $7 for a gallon of milk. if congress doesn't step in. with all the concerns over the fiscal cliff, that we've just been talking about, several
5:45 am
other legislative matters are falling by the wayside including a stalled farm bill. that includes the dairy subsidy and set to end january 1st sending us back to the 1950s policy requiring the government to buy milk at inflated prices and driving up the cost for everyone. we need some good news. over to lawrence now and find out about rain that's coming. >> that big storm that's rolling into the bay area. happy holiday. yes, merry christmas to you and everyone and you're headed out today i hope you get the umbrella for christmas, maybe a rain jacket. you will need it today. already seeing some showers on the hi-def doppler radar showing up in the north bay right now. these just some scout showers really out ahead of the main cold front but the winds going to be kicking up. and it looks like we're going to see a brief period of heavy amounts of rainfall as the system slides on by. further northward but the main cold front still off the coastline and yet to come. so if you're headed out to the today on this christmas day be prepared for rainy personally the middle of the day and afternoon and the gusty winds
5:46 am
the possibility and some isolated thunderstorms. the weather going to be unsettled after that. more showers tonight and probably after tomorrow as we. this morning a pretty good storm system. not as strong as the occupies we've the -- ones over the weekend but strong enough. some brief periods of heavier amounts of rainfall maybe 2 inches with the peaks here in the bay area. a lot of snow in the high country and winter storm warnings going up there. maybe another couple of feet of snow across the higher peaks. and here's the futurecast. as we're expected to see the clouds rolling in and the main band moving in a little bit later on today by 4:00 seeing the front dragging across the rest of the bay area. then slowly working southwards tonight. showers continuing off and on into tomorrow as well. highs going to be cool. only the low to mid-50s and over the next few days getting close to the end of the year. for showers into tomorrow and dry on thursday. the possibility of more showers into friday and the first part
5:47 am
of the weekend. that's a look at weather guys back to you. lawrence, thank you. let's take you outside we've got some breaking traffic news this morning. apparently a few people are out on the roadway and we have problem now on the freeway northbound 880 all lanes shut down at fruit vail. they continue to detour cars off the freeway right there at high street. maybe a few flashing lights is what you'll notice. it also did damage to the guardrail in? area. northbound 880 approaching fruit vail avenue. also getting word of a new crash right now eastbound 580 approaching mcarthur boulevard. one lane blocked there. and also approaching the nevada dumps 101 northbound, cars stuck in the mud. that say is going to be out there for a little while longer. traffic is so light though no huge delays any of the accidents. this is a live look across the golden gate bridge. a few cars coming to san francisco and one more live look outside. this is the millipedes commute. not much of a commute this
5:48 am
morning. if you are traveling this morning to visit friends and family that's what conditions look like right now. would you like 2013 to be the healthiest year ever? well believe it or not, you can make few small changes that will lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and help you feel good inside. >> we like that and you can do it all without stepping foot in a gym. even better. here's holly ferfer with what you need to do. >> reporter: a 2013 the year you're going to improve the way you feel? doctors say it really doesn't take much. try these. laugh. doctors at the university of maryland studied what laughter does to our circulation. and found when people laughed, their blood vessels expanded causing healthy blood flow. love your pet. according to researchers, pets can ward off mental illness and other diseases and help cut out our stress. and some animals are better than a treadmill. the university of missouri columbia researchers found when
5:49 am
obese and sedentary people were given a dog, they lost an average of 14 pounds a year without dieting. move. no, that doesn't mean a marathon. it means taking the stairs, going out for a morning stroll. all things to get you off the couch. the centers for disease control and prevention says 30 minutes of light exercise five times a week can fight diabetes, back pain, heart problems, even cancer and help you feel younger. ♪ listen to tunes. researchers at ma gill university in montreal found that listening to pleasurable music brought on musical chill which triggered the release of the feel good chemical dopamine which cuts down on stress. and get some shut eye. it can fight off infection, help your memory, and regulate your sugar levels. wishing you a happy new year, i'm holly firfer. >> so jealous of that dude
5:50 am
right there. >> up with you all the way until the sleep thing. the dog thing if you have a pet the minute a dog enters a little area and everyone just feels good. >> that's true. cats are good too. >> still ahead a presidential declaration strands holiday travelers all across the country. >> and the pope holds midnight mass and has a message for the world. make room. ,,,, share everything.
5:51 am
share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. now get a lucid by lg, free.
5:52 am
outside right now the clouds flowing across the skies rain drops too in the north bay. more rain to come we'll talk about that coming up. and we have a couple of accidents out there right now including one on the nimitz blocking all lanes of northbound 880 at fruitvale. traffic is being industry territory diverted at high
5:53 am
street. another crash on 085 in oakland. more timesaver traffic coming up. philful packed st. peters last night for christmas eve midnight mass. >> yeah pope benedict xvi delivered his christmas eve message asking everyone to remember the essence of christmas. rather than a commercial celebration. he also urged everyone to make space for god in our our hectic technology driven lives. he lit a christmas peace candle and set it overlooking st. peter's square. well, meanwhile queen elizabeth trying something a little less traditional for her christmas day message. the royal highness delivered the holiday wishes in 3d. the 86-year-old royal head of state sported 3d lass glasses to review her work and of course they were fit for a queen studded with crystals in the shape of the letter q.. rumor has it she didn't actually return them to the recycle bin like you're supposed to outside the theater.
5:54 am
it may not be as cool as the queen's video. we at cbs 5 have a christmas message just for you. >> yeah, take a look or rather a listen. or plug your ears. >> it's good ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ yuletide carols being sunday by a choir ♪ and folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ everyones a turkey and mistletoe ♪ help to make the season bright ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all agrow ♪ will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ they know that santa is on his way ♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ ♪ and every mother's child is going to spy ♪ to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪ and so i'm offering this
5:55 am
simple praise phrase ♪ from kids 1 to 92 ♪ although it's been said many times many ways ♪ merry christmas to you ♪ >> that's our director kelly. big shoutout. >> she's in the top three i would say for sure. i would say maureen was up there. she wasn't going to do it. i said come on and you are one of the best. >> thanks franked paid him to say that. it is 5::56. in the 6:00 hour it could change the way you do christmas in the future. >> what's stopping production obviously real life christmas trees all across the midwest. coming your way. >> and we're live at san francisco's glide memorial. take a look. the turkeys are out. the vegetables are ready all getting ready to prepare 5,000 meals for san francisco's homeless. we'll show you the preparations when we return after the break. ,,,,
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
before christmas.. two
5:59 am
firefighters.. gunned down.. tragedy hits in upstate new york town the day before christmas. two firefighters gunned downhill trying to do their jobs. and hollywood mourns the loss of two long time actors. and like a lump of coal we've got a big storm headed to the bay area. we will talk about that coming up. and we got a traffic alert in oakland all lanes blocked northbound 880 approaching fruitvale. we'll tell you where traffic is being detoured coming up. and good morning everyone, it is of course tuesday, december 25th. a big merry christmas one and all. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger, michelle is on vacation. time now 6:00. >> right now volunteers are busy preparing a big christmas feast here in the city. >> they're planning to serve several meals today and many meals. cbs 5 reporter cate caugurian is live at glide memorial church. >> reporter: there are expected to be about hundreds of people here frank and elizabeth. they're going tokl

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